The Creative Process.

Agency: Cul-de-sac Creative - Santos Tour Down Under

The Brief:

Shoot 6 portraits featuring Santos staff with their bicycles in specific locations around Adelaide.

Santos brief - WHIP 2 copy.jpg

The Agency gave us this layout which used stock images to demonstrate the idea. It showed how the six images had to work together in a 2x3 grid for a print advertisement, which dictated their proportions - 13 wide x 12 high. 

It also gave us the other fixed things: The bikes always faced to the right → person standing behind the bike, in the centre → full length. 

It’s up to us now to bring that idea to life.

SANTOS Sunday Mail dps WHIP.jpg

The Response:

The strongest visual element in the layout is the rhythm of the repeated bicycle wheels. The easiest option to enhance that pattern would be to make the backgrounds of each shot as plain as possible. Flat tonal range, out of focus, something even less descriptive than the layout.

Instead, we created a much stronger result by choosing backgrounds in two different visual styles. Three with clear sky at the top and three with strong visual elements at the top - all with their own strong design or symmetry.

When alternated in the grid this subtly added another pattern to the layout and gave it another layer of interest and more strength visually.